Asesoría Integral de Inversiones en Infraestructuras (A3i) is a company specialised in the management and comprehensive technical and financial advice of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects.

It has a professional team with an expertise accrued over 25 years in the development of PPP infrastructures, which enables A3i to participate proactively by advising and collaborating in the management of the projects at stages of development. A3i team advise the most relevant financial bodies and infrastructure investors, by collaborating in transactions and financial closings in the PPP arena.

A3i team also perform the global management of concessionaire companies in all areas, being responsible for the day-to-day management of the concession asset and ensuring compliance with the objectives established by the shareholders. Currently, A3i is entrusted with the global management of the entire Concessia portfolio.

Added Value

The main added value of A3i, lies in the professional team and their real and daily experience, built on day-to-day management of PPP Projects, from both a technical and financial perspective, and also through all phases of the development of the projects which A3i have participated in. This is achieved by assuming functions related to risk management, as well as the co-ordination of varied players involved in the execution of the contract undertaken by PPP schemes.
This experience is endorsed by the participation of A3i team members on Boards of Directors and Executive Committees (Technical and Financial) in each of the managed assets.

Independent advise

Services offered by A3i bring added value to the projects and therefore to the value of the clients shares. This is achieved by advising clients based on real and effective experiences and the comprehensive management of all the development stages of an infrastructure promoted under PPP schemes.
A3i’s work is based on the establishment of permanent relationships with all members involved in the PPP Project, achieved by seeking a long-term commitment and providing the guarantee of highly qualified services at all times and to be completely independent.

What do we do?

Since its creation, A3i has participated as an advisor or manager of concession assets
which have a total investment volume of 4,500 million euros.


of €


Millions of
square meters




of roads